Website Software we use

When it comes to a WordPress design, there are over 55 000 plugins to choose from and dozens of themes, to extend the functionality of your WordPress website!

Software needs to be updated as technology evolves to make it more secure (unhackable) and add new features that will improve the functionality. In order to have the updates, one needs to purchase a license, normally payable annually to the software developers. Pathfind Media has premium accounts with developers across the world.

 These are some of our favourites tools to use:

Website Platform

Custom Code

Theme Builder

Optimisations for Divi

Online Learning System

Social Media Plugin

Mailchimp Plugin

E-Commerce Plugin

Caching Plugin

Anything Form Builder

Tooltips for Gravity

Hosting Provider

Hosting Provider

Hosting Provider

Stock Images

Stock Images

Gallery Plugin

Slider Plugin

Online Graphic Design

Website Server Security

WordPress Security

Password Manager

Project Management Tool