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The Only Web Designer You’ll Ever Need

We offer you a Smart Website as well as Ongoing Content Management.

140+ Website Layouts as starting point to your custom-made website

We have a grand variety of over 140 premade, unique website layouts. The layouts are organised into complete website packs to jump start your new website. Each pack includes 1-8 individually-designed pages, or in the case of a continuous scroll website, sections. These pages or sections can be modified to suit any type of business.

We put plenty of passion into making world-class designs and we are confident in saying that Pathfind Media’s premade layout packs are the best in the business.

One of the things that make our layout packs especially unique is the fact that they are full of original photography and custom illustrations, created by our own design team.

Your website is your hardest working employee.

It’s the shopfront of your business that never closes. It is your receptionist, administrator, sales rep and lead generator.

Ongoing personal service in website maintenance and content management

We deliver a value-added service to build your website to skyscraper status.

A personal designer will be assigned for your website’s:

  • content updates,
  • page additions,
  • design work,
  • troubleshooting,
  • on-page SEO.
Dynamic content types to  add to your growing online prominence:
  • Products- or Service pages,
  • Portfolio items,
  • Blogs,
  • Documentation,
  • Multimedia (e.g. images, videos),
  • Customer testimonials.

Successful projects for clients around the globe

They care about more than making profits, they care about their clients’ business.

Tersia - Multi-Trail

We communicate over distance and still everything is done in excellence. Business won’t be so joyful and successful without Pathfind media!!!

Petru - Ultimate Pet Care

Dynamic marketer that understands the modern media. He identified the critical points for our marketing strategy and is managing our marketing drive energetically.

Linda - YouCanDoScience

Give your business online prominence?

Get a SMART custom website and ongoing personal service, starting from as little as £59 (ZAR 990) / mo

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