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Our Expertise

Business Website

We deliver a turnkey service: from developing to managing your web presence.

Online Shop

E-commerce entails making money through online sales using e-commerce software.


 We do copywriting or editing for small and big companies as well as individuals.


We design logos, stationery, presentations, ads & other graphics.

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About Pathfind Media

Overview of our company and the service we provide;

Pathfind Media is a boutique website design agency, passionate about creative communication through intelligent design. We develop and manage websites for small businesses. We also generate content (e.g. website copy, blogs) and do business branding (e.g. corporate identity design, logos, etc.). To summarise – Website design. Graphic design. Copywriting. That’s our trade. We make it affordable and adventurous for small businesses to have a beautiful online presence where they look and sound great.

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What makes us stand out above our competitors?

Based on over 100 collective reviews, we are a 5-star rated company on Google, Facebook, Trust Pilot, and we have over a dozen recommendations on LinkedIn. In essence, we don’t have unhappy clients. It comes down to our value proposition where we promise to deliver excellently working websites that represents a brand well.

Clients can expect uncompromising personal service, at a fair rate, faster than they think, and with less hassle than they care to handle. We often go the extra mile at no additional charge. And our attention to detail never fails to impress.

No one in our business category offers the quality product we deliver on time, at the low price we charge.

What is our flagship product or service?

Our flagship service is a Managed Website Solution. What this means is a client doesn’t have to be concerned about their website being hacked or slow. From the hosting of the site to writing brilliant website copy to troubleshoot when technical errors do occur, to designing new landing pages, to running software updates – it’s all taken care of with passion and pride.

An award-winning aspect of Pathfind Media

Pathfind Media was founded in January 2015, and since then we have not seen a year where there hasn’t been exponential growth in both our number of clients onboarded and in new technologies we embrace. There has never been any negative press about us – our clients rave about us on public forums. Perhaps it is because, like Tersia reviewed on our Facebook page: “They care about more than making profits, they care about their clients’ business.” Or as Ian wrote on a Google Review: “Jo and the Pathfind team have literally saved my business. I was very badly let down by another Media company who was supposed to build me a new site…”

How we stay ahead of the trend in an ever-evolving Media Industry

Pathfinding is plotting the best route between two points. It is a smart way to solve mazes: using the fastest, cheapest, or shortest path to a destination. So virtually our very name: Pathfind Media expounds that we are innovators. We never stop learning. Part of our weekly business cycle is doing either a course or reading about the technologies we use and also exploring new technologies.

We design bespoke websites, tailored to the brand of the client – so there will be no duplicates found in our work! We also try something new in every single project. There is never a dull moment in this fast-paced environment of designing a new website and maintaining existing ones.

Finally, we find passionate staff members who worked in a variety of settings and bring valuable experience.

Examples of our previous work
Sure thing! All our work is packaged neatly according to a category on our portfolio page. We have worked with a wide variety of industries, including Financial, Health & Medical, Service based business, Industrial, Educational institutes, etc.

We also have a library of over 100 pre-made templates we built as a source of inspiration for clients to tell us what style they like.

Industry Leading Software

Our Promise

What makes Pathfind Media Better

We promise to deliver you an excellently working website that represents your brand well.

You can expect uncompromising personal service, at a fair rate, faster than you think and with less hassle than you care to handle.

Clients Rave About Pathfinders

Matt R.
Matt R.
Pathfind Media is truely a great company! I can recommend them without any hesitation and can vouch for their very professional and dependable service. We are in the process of having a new website developed by them and I am extremely pleased with their conduct. Everyone is constantly kept informed. I have no doubt that we are in good hands with this project. Well done Jo, Annelie and your whole team!
Elmare W.
Elmare W.
I can definitely recommend Pathfind Media. Jo runs a very organised team who are a pleasure to deal with. It's obvious they enjoy what they do; there's a positive attitude towards customers and they strive to give their best.
Nadene B.
Nadene B.
Great experience with Pathfind Media - we were probably not the easiest client, but Pathfind Media went above and beyond to listen, advise, and come up with a product that far exceeded our expectations. Very happy!
Kitty W.
Kitty W.
Jo is great to work with, he really listens to the client's needs and creates a solution. Not only a brilliant web designer, but a qualified digital marketing specialist. Jo and his team are true professionals in what they do!
Mike L.
Mike L.
Jo and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with. Honest, professional, helpful, and they really seem to be willing to do anything to wow you with their customer service.
Xandra Le R.
Xandra Le R.
Pathfind Media recently assisted us with work on our website as well as our email setup. They were fantastic! The turnaround time is always super fast, and communication is clear and reliable. We will definitely keep on using them for all our media needs. Thanks Jo and Joel especially for you amazing service and quality of work.
A du T.
A du T.
Website was live in record time. We have not complaints. Friendly professional team.
EchoVine C.
EchoVine C.
Process and outcome driven, the creative and skilled development team at Pathfind Media has been a business partner for the past 3 years. We value their ethics, professionalism and friendliness.