Create a privacy policy for your website

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Create a privacy policy for your website


Privacy policies are an overlooked aspect of websites.

But if you stop to look around most of the popular sites you visit, you’ll find they all have unique privacy policies (though the specific page’s traffic is usually low). Even so, these documents are very important if you want your website to comply with local and international regulations. Privacy PolicyPrivacy policies are legal documents informing users what data you collect and what you do with their data. For example, if you collect email addresses, names, and birthdays during the user signup process, you need to tell users what happens with their information. For example, some websites might use it for internal purposes only (such as customer profiling). Others might sell the information to third-party services, in which case consent is necessary. You would most likely need a privacy policy and a lot of applications you might use for your website, such as Facebook advertising or Google analytics, actually requires a privacy policy URL. It’s easy to add a thorough privacy policy to your website.

Here are some tools you can use to help you create a privacy policy for your website.

1. Connectio – Simply add your company name and country and it generates a privacy policy for you. 2. iUbenda – It creates a button for you to embed on your site.