WordPress Maintenance

A Back(end) Story

WordPress relationship statuses can be ‘complicated’

Pathfind Media and WordPress sites go hand in hand like bread and jam, chips and tomato sauce. Just have a look at our portfolio of WordPress clients to see what we mean.

It is important for us that our clients understand the 6 disadvantages of WordPress, to appreciate the value of what we offer in our monthly Backend Maintenance Package.

WordPress is a long-term commitment

Would you buy a car, never service it and expect it to keep running smoothly? Or in keeping with the relationship analogy, would you date a person you intend to marry without constantly investing in that relationship?

Because WordPress is an open-source system you can’t build it and then leave it to chance (well you can, but it’s not a good idea).

In order to maintain WordPress properly, these are the factors to consider:

1. 3rd Party Factors/Costs

  1. Software – Depending on your site and its required functionality, you will have a theme and plug-ins. Your theme and some of the plug-ins will be premium plug-ins for which there is a yearly licence renewal fee (usually in USD) in order to receive continued updates. Without updates, the theme/plug-in can break your site.
  2. Security – Certain hosting companies include a free SSL certificate but unfortunately, that is not enough to secure your site. Due to the open-source nature of WordPress, it leaves your site vulnerable to hackers and other security breaches (which can be especially detrimental if you are running an e-commerce site) if you do not add a premium security plugin which includes a Website Application Firewall.
  3. Hosting – Although it is not a must, we encourage all our clients to host with us on our dedicated Xneelo (previously known as Hetzner) server. Here’s why:
      • Because we have a dedicated server, only our clients are hosted there (and all our clients have maintained website packages, which means you won’t have any unwanted or scaly neighbours hosting next door to you, which could leave your site vulnerable)
      • More RAM available (for faster sites)
      • We don’t add a mark-up to our hosting packages (we ask the same then you would pay directly with Xneelo, the price will depend on the space you have on the server). Taking your site live will be more seamless when you host with us.

2. Service Factors/Costs

Some of the abovementioned costs recur yearly, and others recur monthly. So, to avoid the ‘it’s complicated’ relationship status, we absorb these costs on behalf of our clients by taking out the hosting and software licenses on their behalf and invoicing them monthly (one one invoice) to cover all of the above expenditure (as opposed to having to renew your accumulated premium software licenses at various code houses, paying your hosting at another place and the security at yet another place.)

Furthermore, we offer a monthly backend maintenance package which includes the following set tasks:
  • Software updates
  • Off-server backups
  • Security monitoring
  • Google analytics
  • Human checking
  • Monthly reports
  • Testing website speed
  • Finding and fixing any broken links (due to software updates)
Then we can also add new content to your website on a monthly basis.

How can we assist?

We are on the website journey with our clients for the long-haul. We’ve seen and have had to repair too many ‘broken website provider relationships’ due to the many hit and run website developers out there.

So, while it may initially cost you less to invest in a non-maintained website, the costs of the potential downfalls are just not worth the risk.

We offer this package to all our clients who build or rebuild their websites with us, or to clients who have WordPress sites and just need the backend pampering.

Contact us to learn more or chat about uncomplicating your website relationship status.