WordPress Backend Maintenance

Websites are never meant to be once-off projects.

Website CORE Maintenance

Websites aren’t one-off jobs. Well, technically they are, but they cannot actually be.

More often than not, clients make the mistake of assuming that the job is done once their website is up and running. In reality, websites – particularly those that make use of a CMS (like WordPress) – need careful monitoring to ensure their continued success and longevity. As the world of web development is in a permanent state of flux, any website needs inspections, support, and upgrades on an ongoing basis.

3 Maintenance tasks of a WordPress website:

1. Up-to-date files: At a bare minimum, any live WordPress website will need to have its plugin-, theme- and WordPress core files updated relatively regularly to ensure that the intricate workings of the website are kept in order. Websites that are not updated regularly are a living, breathing nightmare, filled with growing file inconsistencies and potential code conflicts. Leaving a website alone without file package updates can cause an entire site to crash, resulting in a loss of content.

2. Back-to-back backups: Website files and databases really should be backed up on a regular basis. In the event that something goes wrong, a back up of the website’s files and database can easily be reinstated.

3. Security: You need a web application firewall that prevents your website from getting hacked by identifying malicious traffic, blocking attackers before they can access your website. If you, like many business owners, are of the opinion that your business website is unlikely to be affected by cyber crime, please think again. According to a Sophos Security Threat Report, on average 30,000 websites are hacked every day. Thus, adding site security measures is of great importance.

These three things make up a core maintenance plan. It takes time to do this and commands a certain level of expertise.

Taking out a maintenance plan is a great way to ensure that your website remains up-to-date, secure and backed up in case something goes wrong.

Website CORE Maintenance Features

These can be obtained as standalone products, or as a packaged plan.

Software Updates

Weekly plugin-, theme- and WordPress SAFE updates (which automatically roles back if there are errors)

Off-server backups

Incremental scheduled backups of all files, images and databases on servers in the USA and South Africa.

Wordpress Security

Web Application Firewall identifying malicious traffic and blocking attackers before they can access your website.

Well maintained websites makes the right impression on your visitors and grows your SEO ranking – which ultimately maximises ROI.

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