Website Privacy Compliance

Solutions to ensure POPI Act compliance

The Protection of Personal Information Act (aka the POPI Act) in South Africa, sets conditions for the lawful processing of personal information. Certain sections of the act came into effect on 1 July 2020, with other sections commencing on 30 June 2021. Read more about this.

The long and short of the fact is that a mere privacy policy may not be a sufficient safeguard in terms of the new sections of the Act.

As a web design agency, it is important for us that our clients are aware of the compliance requirements, the implications of non-compliance, and to suggest solutions to ensure compliance.

So we did the research and here are the outsourced solutions we advise, which should seriously be considered as part of your budgeting for your website


Company: Complianz – Privacy Suite Plugin for WordPress

Complianz is a WordPress plugin. It is in the European Union and/or in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom with the only Privacy Suite that offers a fully-featured plugin for GDPR, DSGVO, PIPEDA, CCPA, COPPA and more, which can also be used within South Africa.



$45 per year per domain purchased and installed by Pathfind Media.
This is the direct pricing (no markup added) from Complianz, which may also be viewed here.


We would recommend this solution for our SME clients who have WordPress websites.

Included in the plugin:


Required Legal Documents

  • Privacy statement
  • Disclaimer
  • Impressum
  • Processing agreement
  • Privacy statement for children
  • Data leak inventory

Compliant in Multiple Regions

Consent management is specific per region, this includes handling scripts, different cookie banners and legal documents per region.

Third Party

Block and/or control third-party domains and services like Facebook, Google Maps, ReCAPTCHA. Use Do Not Track settings from a browser.

Detailed Cookie Descriptions


Integrated with popular marketing tools, like Hotjar, AdSense. TCF V2.0 and more.

A/B Testing and Statistics


Script Centre

Add scripts, block scripts and iFrames from plugins and third-parties to fully configure your website.

Quality Control

The plugin will receive maintenance updates for security, legal updates and new features at least every month.


In-depth documentation for everyone, including developers who need to customise, filter and hook to our plugin.


Company: Legalese Legal Agency – offers a bespoke POPI Compliance Suite

Legalese is a South African creative legal agency which has redesigned legal services to suit creative, start-up, and tech-based businesses by making them accessible, affordable and understandable.



Their POPI Compliance Suite pricing includes:

POPI-readiness Training R2 299.00
POPI-readiness Checklist R2 499.00
POPI-compliant Privacy and Personal Information Policy R8 199.00
TOTAL: R12 997.00

We would recommend this solution for corporate and e-commerce clients and clients whose websites are built on Webflow.

We encourage our clients to get in touch with us to learn more, or to incorporate one of these solutions.

*Pricing quoted directly from service providers and may be subject to change without prior notification.