Virtual Business Card

What is a Virtual Business Card?

Our latest product innovation is a virtual business card – the business card of the future. Why not move away from paper-based business cards that just get lost?

A virtual business card is like a mini-website, with an individual’s details, such as:

  • your name
  • profile photo
  • email address
  • phone numbers
  • website address
  • physical address
  • company name, with a short description
  • job title 
  • social media links

Your virtual business card is hosted on a unique URL with your name in it: e.g. This link can be mentioned over the phone or sent to anyone you want to give your business card to: via WhatsApp, email or social media.

From the link the recipient opens in their web browser, they can also save a VCard to their phone or computer’s contact list and all the information populates instantly. No need to manually type out a person’s details from a physical business card – just save the VCard.

Another bonus feature is that the virtual business card comes with a QR code, which can be scanned by a smartphone to collect the details instantly.


Make it your own

Take advantage of the landing page and personalise it with a profile photo and your own colours to represent your company’s brand identity.

Engage a wider audience

Your QR Code not only looks good, but the content itself beautifully adapts to different devices it’s displayed on. Tablet, desktop, or smartphone.

Ease Of Use

No-one has the time to manually add contact details to smartphones anymore. You now have a dedicated button that does the saving to any smartphone.

Get a Virtual Business Card Today!

Only R29/month

Pathfind Media can create these virtual business cards within a business day, and host it for you.

If the tech doesn’t impress you – be inspired knowing you’re also saving trees from becoming business card throw-aways. 

Every single individual business owner, or salesperson, needs a business card. Let us make it a virtual one.