Unfolding Vision of Pathfind

Who we are. What we see.

We are a boutique brand- and web marketing agency, passionate about creative communication through intelligent design.

Our Vision:

To become the top website design agency in Durbanville, Cape Town.

Our mission:

  • A full turnkey website management solution for 100 reputable businesses.
  • Build beautiful and innovative websites.
  • Create Smart Corporate Identities.
  • Write content for search engine optimisation.

Our brand promise and value proposition

Pathfind’s promise is to deliver an excellently working website that represents your brand well.

Our value proposition is uncompromised personal service, that will come to you at a fair rate, faster than you think and with less hassle than you care to handle.

Our core values:

  • Undeniable passion
  • Uncompromisable integrity
  • Unconventional creativity
  • Undisputable excellence

Our social impact:

  • Our charity begins at home, so we would like to grant work opportunities for 10 full-time pathfinders who will, through their employment, be able to provide for their families and have time to care for others.
  • Furthermore, our time and skill will be utilised to serve the church and develop resources to influence young people to live pure lives.

Watch this space… More footprints are to be impressed on the journey ahead.