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We are proud to launch a brand new website for one of our oldest clients, Woodridge College & Preparatory School. This has been an even better upgrade than the previous one we did 2 years ago. We would argue it is the most beautiful school website in South Africa – since we have done a lot of research in planning for this upgrade.

The website is slick an stylish and we have reduced the over 60 pages it had previously to only 15 – without excluding an of the information! How did we do it? With sticky menus… What’s a sticky menu? It is a menu that stays static as you scroll down on a page. So navigation was central in our design. We wanted to make it easy for users to experience the website and find what their looking for.

We also used their brand colors in creative ways, played with some creative section dividers and the photography really takes the website to a new level.

And from an administrative point of view the online admission forms makes handling applications from all throughout Southern Africa so much easier!

All and all, we are proud to be associated and trusted by this school.

Service We Provided

Client Feedback

“When I was tasked to re-do the woodridge.co.za website I was nervous as I knew very little about websites let alone re-doing it. I was referred to Jo Wagner from Pathfind Media and from the moment we met I knew I could trust this guy. We formed an incredible working relationship as Jo is so understanding and very easy to talk to. He understood immediately my needs and what the new look of Woodridge should be. I even think he studied the goings on at our school to familiarize himself with Woodridge and what our school stood for. There were times when he could tell me something about Woodridge that surprised me. I will recommend Jo as Pathfind Media to anyone who is looking for a spectacular website for their business. He is always accommodating and very willing to give of himself and his time. I wish Jo all the success in his business.”

– Gail Smith – Marketing, Woodridge


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