Tacticom International Security  – Website Design


Tacticom is in the business of protecting their clients’ high-value assets, effectively integrating people and technology, adding more value to their clients’ security operations.


 About the website design:


  • We curated all the website copy from a briefing document about the company. We think users will be able to quickly see what Tacticom does.
  • We added two call-to-action buttons on the three main pages (Home, About, Services): “Get Quote” and “Download Brochure”. The first scrolls down to the bottom of the page, reducing the loading time of another page and ensures easy user experience. The latter is good for procurement officers who would need a company overview to present to their team.
  • We purchased some additional stock photos from https://depositphotos.com for the website, which adds to the professional look and feel of the website.
  • The use of icons also come in handy to display quickly what Tacticom does and presents eye candy for “scanners” of the website.
  • Along with that, we used large typography for ease of reading. The fonts chosen are complementary to the logo typography.
  • Contact information and Psira accreditation are easily found on every page. Email enquiries are sent to [email protected] (and works). The phone number is a clickable “call link” on mobiles, and the email link as well.
  • Basic site SEO is done for the home page, making “Tacticom” quickly discoverable on the first page of Google. The website is also integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search Console which will make measuring traffic easy in the future.