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TOPIC: Cyber Liability Insurance

People are often unaware of the threats they face when operating in a high-tech milieu. Here are some of the dangers involved against which Cyber Liability Insurance offers protection:

TOPIC: Tips on how to play the claim game

So, you ran into a bit of trouble and need to claim from your insurance. But oh, the process…it seems like such a schlepp! Here are some handy hints on how you could do it as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible: 

TOPIC:The top 5 insurance companies and why we say so

Competent brokers will not expose their clients to business with dubious insurance companies. Therefore, it is crucial to stay informed about the different options out there.

TOPIC: Stories about insurance claims

Direct insuring is almost always a bad idea.Here are a couple of accounts of direct clients who ended up not getting the compensation they bargained on in a time of need. 

TOPIC: Why it is better to use a broker

Brokers are by no means dispensable middlemen. The notion that direct business with insurers is equally as efficient whilst more cost-effective than utilising the services of an insurance broker is a myth! 

TOPIC: 5 reasons small businesses cannot afford to go without insurance

Business insurance is like a lifeboat – one of those things you do not need until you really need it! And then it can make the difference between sinking and surviving.


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