Pioneer Point Website Design

About the client

Pioneer Point and CMS Africa House offer luxury purpose – built offices in Central Nairobi. 

Pioneer Point, CMS-Africa House is a special development that will transform lives for years to come. It is a partnership between Truestone, a UK based investment manager and CMS-Africa a Kenyan charity derived from Church Mission Society in the UK.

At Pathfind Media, our value proposition is uncompromised personal service, that will come to you at a fair rate, faster than you think and with less hassle than you care to handle.

We are asked to build this website as a matter of urgency as it was needed for the campaign that was being launched and we responded by building the whole site from start to finish in 10 hours. We love exceeding our client’s expectations! 


About the website design project:

  • Project goals and objectives — The website is the cornerstone of their online presence. It provides details of the offices, a detailed floor plan, their facilities and their contact details.
  • Creative strategy —
  1. The website has been designed very closely to the look and feel of Pioneer Point’s marketing brochure, in order to honour the branding. 
  2. The website is a one page design, with anchor links in the vertical menu on the left. All you need to do is click on a menu item and you will navigate to it.
  3. The buttons are styled as modern, hoverable links.
  4. The imagery speaks to Pioneer Point’s typical  audience and advertises the amazing facilties that they have. All images have been optimised for the web as well (which means they are not bigger than 400kb, yet great quality, so they will look good and load fast).
  • Our role in the project — We host the website, administrate the domain and designed the site in WordPress. 


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