Musiek Wereld Website Design

About the client

Musiek Wereld is a music shop situated in Belville. Making Awesome Music helps when you have the right equipment and instrument. There is no need to shop around anymore, Musiek Wereld is the right place at the right price!

They do not only sell awesome musical instruments, but they also do service, repairs and a little fine-tuning!

They have had a physical store for many years now and with the way the industry is going, Musiek Wereld felt they need to branch out into the online space. Pathfind Media was fortunate to make that dream a reality for them. 

We know that this new E-Commerce website is going to be of benefit to them going forward. 


About the website design project:

  • Project goals and objectives — The website is the cornerstone of their online presence. It runs their online, lists their products and provides contact details of how to get ahold of them.
  • Creative strategy —
  1. The look and feel is modern, fresh and trendy. This is a completely bespoke e-commerce site. Even though we drew inspiration from similar shops, the layout and features are uniquely applied to the site.
  2. The home page immediately draws the user into an emotional experience with the high-definition quality photos and appealing quotations.
  3. The call-to-actions are clear: Shop / View Products / Contact us
  4. We used brand logos on the home page that expound on the timeless quality they stock.
  5. The navigation is simple and it would be easy for any user to find what they are looking for. There is a very visible search bar in the header (on every page) and we have added contact details in the header for any user to be able to access.
  6. On the product category pages, we have a added a sidebar with a product search facility, a price filter and a recently viewed products feature to make it easy for customers to view the items they recently viewed. We have also used a Cart feature that only displays if there is something added to the cart. To the right of the sidebar, there is also a feature that displays the relevant category or search results with a sorting filter to the top right.
  7. On the product pages, there is a featured image which can be enlarged with hover or clicked to open by clicking the magnifying glass, as well as a slider gallery beneath it. We have added a breadcrumb that displays the user’s traces where they can click back to a previous page. There is the title of the product and price, the features in a bulleted list, a second section with more information (description and specs) for the reading hungry and this content will also do wonders for your SEO.
  8. For the Call-to-Action on the products, we went ahead and created two different buttons that show up on the various products: For some products, there is an “Add to cart” button for the products tagged with the “In Stock” tag. And those who don’t have that tag has the button: “Request Stock”. Clicking the Add to cart takes the user through a checkout process if they want to go through with the order. The Request stock button pops up a contact form where the user can leave details about their order.
  • Technical details — 
  1. We are hosting the site on a virtual dedicated server where 4GB RAM is assigned to it, with 2vCPU’s, the latest PHP version and max PHP memory. We also make use of advanced caching practices and image “lazy loading” so the site is blazing fast in comparison with any other site of its magnitude.
  2. Spam is being filtered on all contact forms.
  3. Broken links are being traced and fixed.
  4. Every email sent via the email is logged in a database as a backup.
  5. We have daily backups of the site, in case something happens.
  6. All software is state of the art and kept up to date with the latest releases.
  7. The product category pages, as well as the product pages, are built with a PHP template that applies the layout and styling when you simply add the content in the WordPress product interface, so new products can be added and look the same as the rest on the front end.
  • Total development time — We spent 164 hours in total developing this website from start to finish.
  • Our role in the project — We designed the e-commerce site in WordPress. We are also providing backend maintenance and ongoing content updates.