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Parenting meets pedagogy

Education and training are central to the modern, Western world. We go to school, invest in vocational equipping, and attend workshops to perfect our crocheting or to learn the art of home brewing. Within this culture of knowledge and skill accumulation, parenting is also increasingly deemed a worthy enough subject in which to receive training.

Dare to Discipline your Darlings!

“Discipline” has received swearword status in many modern parenting circles. It is now quite trendy to withdraw from being the disciplinary figure in favour of being a child’s friend. While this is mostly well intended (and evokes wonderful images of parent and child roaming around like Calvin and Hobbes all day), it can be harmful to both parties.

Join the United Parenting Party!

Imagine you came to a traffic light that flickered red-orange-green-red-orange-green. You’d probably be confused (Should I go or stop!?), and possibly anxious (What if I crash? I may be stuck here forever!).

15 Lessons from a second-time mom

Wondering what lies ahead – besides a couple of extra stretch marks, additional lost sleep and, of course, the cutest, new baby? Here are some things I’ve learned that might help you prepare yourself and your family for Number Two.

Mental Health and Motherhood

This is something most of us have said or thought at some point while feeling overwhelmed by the demands of parenting. Yet, many mothers stare more severe psychological problems (particularly postpartum depression) in the face.

Too Soon: Premature Babies

Having a premature baby is not something most mothers expect when they are expecting. I have spoken to several mothers who had prems. Following is a summary of their stories of bravery amid the ordeal.

The ABC of Grandparent Relationships

“Grandparents” and “grandchildren” are two well-coined terms, as few relationships in life are so “grand” than the one between these two parties. 

Red and Green Lights on the Road of Raising Siblings

Few things in life are equally as delightful as they are demanding. Having – and raising – siblings is one such a hybrid happening.

Happy Marriage, Happy Munchkins

Marriage is the bedrock of the family. If this foundation is crumbling, so will the entire household that is built upon it. 

8 Mysteries only Moms Will Understand

Being a mother is a beautiful, but often bizarre experience that could at times defy reason. On Planet Parenthood a number of phenomena do not work according to conventional logic. 

Temperament-Sensitive Parenting

Nurturing a child according to his temperament is immensely important. It aids in shaping their unique potential while preventing unnecessary damage and conflict. 

How to Spare the Rod without Spoiling the Child

With South-Africa’s new anti-spanking legislation, even parents who are responsible and loving spankers simply cannot afford to stick to their guns (or wooden spoons) and continue their normal disciplining tactics.

Rules for Re-establishing Routines

The importance of routine is a routine topic in any parenting manual – as it should be!…

Growing Gratitude in a Self-Gratified Generation

“Ungrateful, selfish brats” were definitely not what most of us envisaged our sweet little babies to grow up as…

Fill Your Munchkin’s Love Tank With The Right Fuel

“Love is all you need” may not be too far from the truth when it gets to what children require to grow up soundly…

Healthy is Happy is Healthy

Your child’s health and happiness are essentially two sides of the same coin…

The holidays, teens and screens

A modern teen and a screen go hand in hand (quite literally, if you consider how their smart phones are glued to their palms). Too much screen time hurts their developing brains, negatively affects the way they relate to others, is very harmful to physical wellbeing and brings with it endless psychological and social safety hazards.

Veggies for vitality: Get your munchkins to gobble more greens

The reason why nutrition often feels like a real burden is because our society’s concept of and relationship with food are quite rotten. As a result, there exists a confusing mess of contradicting information on what really constitutes a “healthy diet”.

Have a prosperous back to school journey

The metamorphosis from one year to another always entails a transition for children. Whether the shift is from preschool to “big school,” primary school to high school, moving to a school in a different location or simply progressing to a new grade – some kind of adjustment is bound to happen as the digits on the calendar changes.

Purposeful Parenting: Up Your Game with Goal-Setting

We set goals for all sorts of things in life (get a degree by 25, save up to buy a car, lose 10 kilograms this year…

Surviving the Holidays with Your Munchkin

It is often the case that children cannot wait for the school holidays to start and parents for it to finish…


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