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by May 10, 2021

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Project Background

The client

The Moshee brand encapsulates youthful, modern, inventive, and refreshing designs in all of their clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Moshee embraces the extraordinary creative talent available within Africa to ensure that their products are Unique, Vibrant, and Fresh.

Design project summary

Total Pages

25 pages and 
161 products

Client location

Cape Town, South Africa


Total project hours


CMS platform


E-Commerce Platform


Problem statement

Dave Welbourne saw a gap in the market for an online store that would profile locally manufactured “Africanicity” apparel and needed a big scale online store to market and sell these items.

How we helped

We created an online store with multiple categories that caters to a global market and integrates with an external courier service, both locally and internationally, as well as their stock  management system (Pastel). 

What the client said

Services we provided

Website Design

We design a complete Webflow or WordPress website according to your business needs.

Domain Registration

We administrate your domain name zone file and annual registration.

eCommerce Website

We build a website so you can sell your products and services.


We host your website files.