Mashesha Stoves Website Design

About the client

Mashesha Stoves is a Social Enterprise that sells uniquely designed energy-efficient stoves and fuel sources for mass and household cooking and heating, based on an intentional business response to an investigated need for indigenous innovation.



About the website design project:

  • Project goals and objectives — The website is the cornerstone of their online presence. It provides details of their online shop,  a showcase of their products, how to purchase their products online and their contact details.
  • Creative strategy —
  1. The fonts used are in line with the style of Mashesha Stoves’s logo – it is easily readable and works well for their industry.
  2. The colours are taken from Mashesha Stoves’s old website and their logo as the cornerstone of their brand image.
  3. The buttons are contemporarily styled as rounded hover-able links.
  4. The imagery speaks to Mashesha Stoves’s typical audience: It showcases the amazing products that they sell and it also has a very unique African flavour which targets their audience. All images have been optimised for the web as well (which means they are not bigger than 400kb, yet great quality, so they will look good and load fast).
  5. The navigation is simple enough for anyone to find what they might be looking for on the website. The homepage has direct links to their shop which is very convenient.
  6. The Shop page is set up to be quick and easy to navigate while making the process of purchasing a product pain free.
  • Our role in the project — We administrated the domain transfer, host the website and emails and designed the site in WordPress.