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About the client

Mandi Hart is an author, speaker and mother and her heart is to equip, inspire and challenge parents as they raise their children.


About the website design project:

  • Project goals and objectives — The website is the cornerstone of her online presence. It provides details of her books, how to purchase them and her contact details.
  • Creative strategy —
  1. The fonts used are two very popular web fonts: Lato (for headings) and Raleway (for paragraph text) – it is easily readable and works well for authors.
  2. The colours are a nice blend with the dark blue of Mandi’s author photograph and fit well with the pastel peach. It is soft and motherly.
  3. The buttons are contemporarily styled as rounded hover-able colour changing links.
  4. The imagery speaks to Mandi’s typical audience: the home page and blog author image has Mandi’s photograph, which makes it personal and helps readers to connect with her. There is also a photograph of her and her husband to illustrate she is under covering and working in a team as a family unit. All images have been optimised for web as well (which means they are not bigger than 400kb, yet great quality, so they will look good and load fast).
  5. The navigation is simple enough for anyone to find what they might be looking for on the website. From the home page, they can go almost anywhere else on the website. The top navigation has a nifty slide-in experience, which is nice and contemporary and keeps the focus on Mandi’s logo. It also helps by hiding the longer menu item text, like “Parenting with Courage” (which will take up too much space with a default menu look).
  6. There is a Newsletter Subscription call to action ‘slide in’ on the home page. This integrates with a list on MailChimp. Users can also subscribe as “members” of the website (subscribers of the blog) and receive notifications each time a new blog is published.
  7. The contact form works and can be tested as well. It redirects to a ‘thank you page’ once submitted.
  8. Quick links to Mandi’s social media accounts are added on the home page and in the bottom footer of each page of the website. 
  • Our role in the project — We administrated the domain set up, host the website and emails and designed the site in WordPress.


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