Heartflow Website Design

About the Client

Heartflow is a non-profit organisation that was founded Charl Reyneke as he saw a massive need to connect with the homeless and the hungry. That is where Heartflow was birthed – Helping the homeless and the hungry. Responsibly.

Charl felt that he wanted to utilise the public inas part of the solution so thanks to Heartflow the public is now able to help homeless and hungry people in a sustainable, holistic way by connecting them with local non-profit companies.

The public can buy paper-based coupons from local shops and give them to homeless people who will benefit from the services provided by partnering organisations such as night shelters.

Our solution fosters interactions between isolated people in need and the public eager to help with a positive impact. We’re helping people to love people.

When we heard about what Charl was doing, we climbed on board and designed him a brand new website!

We never charged Heartflow for the website as we wanted this to be our way of assisting Charl and Heartflow in the amazing work that they do! 

About Us

We live in Cape Town. We work online. We have designers and developers from all over the world.

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