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Dynamikos Training Network provides on site Occupational Health and Safety training for Individuals, Health Care Providers or Companies. From top class First Aid training in Levels 1, 2, 3, Fire Safety, Life Support and Personal Protective Equipment.



About the website design:

  • It is a fresh and modern design in line with the brand’s new look and feel.
  • Everything is new: layout, colours, content, images.
  • The design style is big and bold typography, large, catchy images, colour gradients, animations and easy navigation (I think a user will be able to quickly find what they are looking for).
  • One key feature is consistency. There is a design style woven throughout the website and similar content types all share a similar style – for example the Course pages all look the same, Blogs as well, Event pages, Static pages etc.
  • Another key feature is reiteration of the primary calls to action (CTA), which is to either fill in a quote request form or call you. So those CTA’s are highlighted throughout the website in headers and the footer.
  • We rewrote/optimised most of the copy (text) because I felt it was written incoherently and also the length of the content needed to adjust to ‘fit’ the new design.
  • We combined a lot of content on page page (link), to not have to many useless separate links – so for instance the About page just has one link, the Contact page as well etc.
  • Another important part of the work was to redirect all old links to the newly created pages. So for instance the link to “map” would redirect to the Contact page, because that is where the map is now found, etc. This is important because if there are any links “out there” on the internet, we want them to still land on the appropriate page without a 404 error.
  • In terms of time, the project was +/-40 hours.


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