DVS Physios Website Design


DVS Physios aim to help their clients live their best lives. They don’t only focus on the injury at hand but also endeavour to get to the root of the problem so there will be long term restoration and increase in quality of life.

They follow an evidence-based treatment approach where your condition is treated according to the latest and highest quality research from around the globe. In short, they apply our minds and hearts to guide you on this road to recovery.

We acquired this client through a longstanding friendship between De Necker and very own Jo Wagner!

As a new startup, we feel this website will be the perfect launchpad for this beautiful business.

We wish you all the best De Necker! 


About the website design:

  • The fonts used throughout the website are the same fonts as used in DVS’ logo, with different font “weights” and variations.
  • The colours are the same colours are taken from DVS’ logo. They have gone for clean, neutral colours that are inline with their brand colours and speaks to their desired target market.
  • The buttons are styled as modern, hoverable links.
  • The imagery speaks to their typical audience, highlighting the practice and what DVS does . All images have been optimised for the web as well (which means they are not bigger than 400kb, yet great quality, so they will look good and load fast).
  • The navigation is simple enough for anyone to find what they might be looking for on the website. You can very quickly see what DVS does and what services they offer with a modern book now link readily available. From the home page, you can navigate to anywhere on the site. 
  • We have used the One-Page modern style of websites to engage site visitors. 
  • The time spent in total on this project was 13 hours.


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