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About the Client

ADD Therapy offers a therapeutic approach for development delays, such as ADD/ADHD/Autism Learning Disabilities, Stroke Victims and Dyslexia.

Marina qualified with a BA in psychology and as an International DIR Floortime Expert Trainer, she always had an interest in the complexity of the brain. During her time at a high school and pre-primary school in Namibia, she was constantly exposed to children with ADD/ADHD, Autism and other learning disabilities.

It was in those moments that she realised she needed to help, so she started researching alternative methods to give these children a chance to function at an optimal level.

ADD Therapy does such good work and so when her website down and she reached out to us, we jumped at the opportunity to get her back online. 

We trust that this website will be of great benefit to Marina! We are blessed to be associated.

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