Live Preview:

Feedback from the client:

“ACSI Africa required a website that explains its unique work and approach to a wide audience. I contracted Jo Wagner (Pathfind Media) to create such a website. From the start, Jo presented excellent technical and aesthetic knowledge of his trade and effective communication skills.

His questions, directives, and suggestions sat well with ACSI Africa’s unique mission and my limited knowledge of website construction. He listened well, patiently made required changes and was always clear and on time in his communication. Jo has remained easily available for ongoing changes to the website. ACSI is pleased with the product and plans to continue a healthy work relationship with Pathfind Media.”


Comments received from various team members part of ACSI:

  • The site is pleasing to the eye and engaging.
  • It appears contemporary and is easy to navigate.
  • Very, very nice and impressive! Such a good job… Very responsive I went on it through Windows and Android…
  • An incredible work!

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