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What you get




Custom website layout

 Unique user interface


 Software licence (1 year updates)

 Google Analytics

 Social media integration

 Contact forms

 Premade layout’s images

 Mobile friendly design

 Blog capability

 Default image gallery


 eCommerce: Online shop

Domain administration

Hosting on our server


Blogging for you


Content updates,

Page additions,

Design work,


On-page SEO.

What Clients say

“Fast, efficient, friendly and no-hassle service. I definitely recommend them.” Jbay Cycle Centre

“Integrity, loaded with enthusiasm, energy, initiative and with lots of ideas…” Kougalink

“Indeed a fresh look on some of the boring “same old” designs we see too often.” Cara Creations


Prices in this pricing tool are for a NEW WEBSITE paid off over a 12-month period.

Another pricing option is to pay once-off with optional ongoing service. A price for this can be obtained here.

Long-term customer satisfaction is our ultimate business strategy.

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Effective. Efficient. Expeditious.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I have my website?
We can produce a new website between 2 weeks and 3 months, depending on how fast you can deliver the content (text, images etc.) for your website and how large the website will be.

When do I have to pay?
For a once-off service fee, you pay 50% deposit and for the downpayment option, you only have to pay for the first month to initiate the project.

How do you determine the price?
Prices are determined based on a comination of three factors: Time, cost and value. We estimate the duration of the project (for all phases – briefing, setup, design, development, revisions and deployment). Then we establish the cost involved in terms of setup cost, software licensing, developers and running cost. Lastly we estimate the value we add to the client’s business. For example, if we build an e-commerce website, the value of that website is likely greater than a normal catalogue-type website, since the website will be generating an active income. The same goes for a website that fulfills an administrative function – it replaces human effort. So basically the catalogue type of website is the cheapest. But it can still add great value, if it will have a large reader-base and if the website will bring in many leads for the company which will generate sales not normally rendered.

Can I cancel any time?
If you take out a personal service subscription, you can cancel any time? Yes!

You can upgrade or downgrade any time with one month notice, if we haven’t already exceeded the hours associated with a given package.

But if you are in a downpayment cycle, you have to honour the payments to the end. Failure to complete payments will result in the website being taken offline and legal action.

See our Terms of Projects for more information.

Where do you operate from?
We have designers and developers in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, USA and South Africa contributing to our layouts. Our head office is in Cape Town, South Africa and this is the primary location for consultation.

Any other question?
Feel free to contact us.