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Get an instant price for one of our inclusive packages with our dynamic pricing to fit your budget.

Personalised Quote

For websites larger than 25 pages or if  special functionality is required, like eCommerce, Membership etc.

Once-Off Pricing

Build your own quote by adding the individual products offered to your cart and see the price update dynamically.

One Page Website

We offer a One-Page website with 3-5 sections for the small business who just wants an online presence.

Splash Page

We offer a single screen page, for the individual or business who just want their basic details on the web.

Understanding Website Pricing

 Purchasing a website is like building and maintaining a house. Could you close your eyes and envision your perfect home? As you very well know, going from dreaming about this house and actually living there will involve a costly process.

This is more or less the same process that takes place with. At Pathfind Media, we consider all the steps involved when we determine our web design prices. Read this article to follow us with the building-a-house metaphor to see what we mean when it comes to pricing.

What Clients say

Pathfind Media
Based on 60 reviews
Pathfind Media
Based on 13 reviews
Carien Hugo-Waring
Carien H.
The Pathfind team is professional, efficient and deliver incredible service. I love my website and really enjoy working with them.
Adri Meadon
Adri M.
Jo Wagner en sy span het hulle goed van hulle taak gekwyt om die Tygerberg Sakekamer se webwerf te vernuwe.
Henriette Smit
Henriette S.
Excellent service, knowledgeable team and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Susan Pretorius
Susan P.
The team performance are true to the company name "Pathfind" we were on the right path on where to start and they found a way to make our website come to life in a visually beautiful way. We are extremely happy with their dedication, friendliness and creativity and ultimately the final outcome of our website! Thank you.

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We live in Durbanville, Cape Town. We work online. We have web designers & developers all over the world.

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