Phases of Website Creation

Your desired destination might be on the horizon, but the road there is not mapped yet. We’ll guide you through a strategic pathfinding journey (a phased solution) to stimulate growth.


Clarity Experience

Why do I need clarity?

  1. Planning saves time and money
  2. Website design is not just about pretty pictures
  3. Website copy and content are specialist areas
  4. Design and style preferences are subjective
  5. Digital marketing needs to be based on strategy

Discovery workshop covering:

Business overview: Getting to know the what, why, and how of your business.

Buyer personas: Defining the customers in your target audience.

Customer journey map: Mapping out your sales funnel, from awareness to brand-loyal customers.

Page planning: Determining which pages your website should or shouldn’t have.

Styling preferences: Crafting your industry-related style preferences.


Content: Writing / Media

Copywriting & copy editing

We write fresh content for your website pages. All writing will be optimized for SEO and consistent with your brand's tone of voice.

Should you decide to take your website copy on yourself, it is essential to note that misspelled words and poor grammar can negatively impact users and affect future sales. Tardiness in this area reflects that the brand does not care for its image. The purpose of copy-editing is to ensure that all content is accurate.

We also ensure that the messaging and language used is clear, concise, consistent, and according to best practice for online copywriting.

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Graphic design

Designing icons, backgrounds and graphics to be used on your website and other digital media.

Stock photo sourcing

Professional photographs or vector graphics related to your industry to be used for your website and social media. We also do minor editing of photos or graphics to fit the brand's style.

And we optimize images to be "web-friendly", i.e. crisp quality, but small enough to load fast.

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We can arrange a photographer to take professional photos of your team and offices as we believe this will be a wonderful visual on your site to show a personal approach you take.


Video marketing was once reserved for massive multi-national corporations who had budgets to air their videos on TV. The barrier of entry has come down significantly because now you can post your videos on your own Social Media channels and websites.

Following shortly behind meeting face-to-face, videos are probably the most immersive, visual, and personal way to explain to a customer what your service or product is about. It also establishes your brand so that people will take you more seriously.

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Look & feel prototypes

The website design prototypes provide a static visual representation of what your website will look like when it goes live, along with a flowchart of the website’s navigation.

Branding List Updated

Corporate Identity

Why do I need a corporate identity?

Branding is a broad term for your business’s image – the way it looks and sounds. It includes, among other things: your logo, website, graphics, presentations, advertisements, and the tone of voice for all your written or audio texts.

Branding should never be an optional extra, almost like a fancy piece of jewelry (only to be “indulged” in whenever there is a bit of room in the budget). Instead, branding is to your business what a uniform is to a pilot – he cannot go to work without it, at least not if he wants to be taken seriously. The success of his job depends on it.

Likewise, taking one glance at your business’ “uniform” will tell people something about you. Will that “something” attracts or deters them? Your success also depends on it.

Logo design

There are many pillars of branding – your logo being one. You may have a great startup story, a great vision, and a great product. But consider for a moment how people will remember and recognise you in a vast ocean of other brands. Your logo serves as your visual benchmark. It is how customers will identify with you. 

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Brand Style Guide

The brand style guide is a reference document with the unified, consistent look and feel of your corporate identity and different applications thereof.

The final document includes logo variations and use cases, colour palette, typography (fonts), iconography, backgrounds/textures.

Email Signature

Email Signature

An HTML email signature gives you greater control over styling and a personal touch for conveying your brand identity. It can also be an effective marketing tool that enables you to control where a user navigates to from your email signature. Since the icons/links are clickable, you are, for example, able to direct the user to your social media or a specific landing page on your website.  

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Business Card

Business cards remain a highly effective and personal marketing tool for getting your essential contact information into the hands of potential clients or affiliates. They may be small, but a good business card design will pack a punch to convey professionalism with one glance.


A letterhead is a branded Microsoft Word template that includes your company name, address, contact details, and logo. It is meant to be used for all the official documents and letters you create and send concerning your business.

Website Development

Setting sail on the sea of cyberspace can be daunting. Navigating the acronym-waters of SEO, SSL and CMS can sometimes seem like a giant wave that you need to ride without a  surfboard! At Pathfind Media, we love to help you navigate uncharted waters to build an engaging online presence for your business and find your flow within the digital space. One of the most crucial navigation decisions you will make is choosing your website vessel.

The two most sturdy ships available are WordPress and Webflow, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. Although it is currently the most popular website builder, WordPress has some clear disadvantages, and Webflow has quickly gained ground as a sophisticated alternative.

SEO - setup (once-off)

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation. This gets done on a technical level, once-off, but also continually.

Adding keywords to the site, a coded site map, and redirects from previous sites. Optimizing page content for Search Engines by adding metadata, alt descriptions for images, text optimization, external links, etc. And also making sure pages have more than 350 words with the keywords spread out well and the right headings in the right place.

The once-off setup includes integrating Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

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What you get:

Industry Analysis; Competitor Analysis; Keyword Research; Keyword Strategy
Implementation of the above-mentioned optimizations on the top landing pages


WordPress Pricing

Webflow Pricing

WordPress Websites

We set up and style the content management system setup. After this, we designing the layout of the pages to communicate your message to your target audience. Then we add rich functionality and further code the website according to spec.

The website will be mobile responsive, have contact forms, call to actions, easy navigation, and load in all browsers.

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Rate: R650/hour

Typical estimates:


less than 20 hours
(+/- 5 pages)


less than 30 hours
(+/- 15 pages)


less than 50 hours
(+/- 25 pages)


more than 80 hours
(50+ pages)


Expand Forex
Oxygen Life

Quarry Lake Inn
Namib Africa

You Can Do Science
Giving Plus
SZ Promotions
The Firewood Company

Petra Childrens Ministry
Rode Properties

Webflow Websites

We set up and style the content management system setup. After this, we designing the layout of the pages to communicate your message to your target audience. Then we add rich functionality and further code the website according to spec.

The website will be mobile responsive, have contact forms, call to actions, easy navigation, and load in all browsers.

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Rate: R750/hour

Typical Estimates:


less than 20 hours
(+/- 5 pages)

Small CMS

less than 30 hours
(+/- 15 pages)

Medium CMS

less than 50 hours
(+/- 25 pages)

Large CMS

more than 80 hours
(50+ pages)


Tacticom Security

Right to Repair Workshop

CHW Architects

Fairtree Invest

Website Maintenance



A domain name is a sequence of letters and/or numbers separated by one or more periods (e.g. “”). It acts as a pointer to a unique numerical address (IP) on a computer network such as the Internet. We manage domain registration and administration on your behalf. An annual 3rd party registration fee is applicable to keep your domain. Having a domain name ensures the future and the integrity of your brand or initiative. 

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Email hosting is a service where your email messages and associated files are all stored on a server. The server hosting email can be the same server that's hosting your website content or a server managed by a dedicated email server company such as Microsoft Exchange Online or Google Workspace Mail. We offer an IMAP or POP account associated with your domain and support directly from Xneelo.

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Website hosting is allocated space on a webserver to store its files, code, images, etc., to make it available for viewing online.

Options we offer:

  1. A shared hosting environment on our dedicated server for decent performance. 
  2. A dedicated virtual server for eCommerce and clients who require website speed as a priority.

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When it comes to a WordPress design, there are thousands of free plugins/themes to choose from in order to extend the functionality of your WordPress website. But these free plugins don’t always stand the test of time and therefore we advise using licensed premium plugins. These get updated with new features and to make it more secure.

We advise the following premium plugins for the feature enhancement of your site: Page builder for custom designs, form builder for advanced forms, and caching plugin for website speed.

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The popularity of WordPress makes it an appealing target for intruders. We manage your Website Application Firewall (WAF) which provides website-level DDoS Protection, the ability to block specific countries and IPs, and guard your website against suspicious website traffic to prevent a hack.

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WordPress websites need careful monitoring to ensure their continued success and longevity. As the world of web development is in a permanent state of flux, any website needs ongoing inspections, support, and upgrades.

The backend maintenance package includes monthly backups, software updates, database cleaning, Google Analytics, broken link checks, human checks and optimizations.

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Webflow is a responsive website code builder. Its core strength is the broad scope for customization. It is hosted on the powerful Amazon Web Servers (AWS), which includes the software and security - and the bonus of a Content Delivery Network (for a blazing fast website experience).



The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) informs the necessity and way in which your website’s legal terms must be formulated and displayed. All individuals or businesses that process the personal information of other companies or individuals (so basically, everyone in business) must be compliant*.

*Please note: We can install and manage 3rd party solution plugins as a measure for your website's compliance to the POPI Act, but we cannot give legal advice pertaining to your unique and individual business requirements. We advise that you speak with a legal expert for a comprehensive and tailored POPI solution for your business.

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Digital Marketing


Your virtual business card (VCard) is hosted on a unique URL with your name in it. This link can be mentioned over the phone or sent to anyone you want to give your business card to, e.g. via WhatsApp, email or social media. From the link, the recipient opens the virtual card in their web browser, or they can save the VCard to their phone or computer’s contact list with all the information populating instantly to your contact list.

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Adding content to your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the modern, digital society, and it could greatly benefit your bottom line.

If we post new useful information on your website regularly, it will be picked up by search engines and up your spot on their results pages. There is no better way to continually create crisp content than through a blog, knowledge base, or project portfolio pages.

All new content added will be optimized for search engines.

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Google My Business is a tool for organizations to manage their online presence across Google in Search and Maps (it comes up on the right when someone Googles your business name. Your profile houses your contact information, services, story, images, hours of operation to name a few. It is a place where customers can leave reviews and ask questions.

With this tool, customers can get directions to your location or phone your business instantly.

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Google Analytics is used to track website activity such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate, etc. of individuals using the site, along with the information on the source of the traffic. It can be integrated with Google Ads, with which users can create and review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions (goals). Goals might include sales, lead generation, viewing a specific page, or downloading a particular file.

The Search Console provides information about the performance of your organic-search traffic. You can see data like user queries and the number of times your site URLs appear in search results (impressions).

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Google AdWords is the way to get the word out on Google that you are in business! The most common way we do this is through Search ads and Display ads.

Search ads appear in google search results when people search for the type of products and services you offer. Your advert pops up on top when people searched for keywords related to your business.

Display ads reach customers on websites and apps related to your industry — across devices.

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Worldwide statistics show that marketing on social media platforms is crucial to improve brand awareness and sales for businesses.

Facebook is the belle of the ball when it comes to social media networks, but we could also hook you up with Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and others.

Facebook pages help people connect with your business – they serve as dynamic mini websites.

Facebook adverts help people discover your business – they appear in your target audience’s newsfeed and direct them to your business.

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A service hour retainer entails ongoing personal service in website maintenance and business branding.

Services can include:

Website content updates and additions
On-page SEO
Graphic design

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What Clients say

Matt R.
Matt R.
Pathfind Media is truely a great company! I can recommend them without any hesitation and can vouch for their very professional and dependable service. We are in the process of having a new website developed by them and I am extremely pleased with their conduct. Everyone is constantly kept informed. I have no doubt that we are in good hands with this project. Well done Jo, Annelie and your whole team!
Elmare W.
Elmare W.
I can definitely recommend Pathfind Media. Jo runs a very organised team who are a pleasure to deal with. It's obvious they enjoy what they do; there's a positive attitude towards customers and they strive to give their best.
Nadene B.
Nadene B.
Great experience with Pathfind Media - we were probably not the easiest client, but Pathfind Media went above and beyond to listen, advise, and come up with a product that far exceeded our expectations. Very happy!
Kitty W.
Kitty W.
Jo is great to work with, he really listens to the client's needs and creates a solution. Not only a brilliant web designer, but a qualified digital marketing specialist. Jo and his team are true professionals in what they do!
Mike L.
Mike L.
Jo and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with. Honest, professional, helpful, and they really seem to be willing to do anything to wow you with their customer service.
Xandra Le R.
Xandra Le R.
Pathfind Media recently assisted us with work on our website as well as our email setup. They were fantastic! The turnaround time is always super fast, and communication is clear and reliable. We will definitely keep on using them for all our media needs. Thanks Jo and Joel especially for you amazing service and quality of work.
A du T.
A du T.
Website was live in record time. We have not complaints. Friendly professional team.
EchoVine C.
EchoVine C.
Process and outcome driven, the creative and skilled development team at Pathfind Media has been a business partner for the past 3 years. We value their ethics, professionalism and friendliness.