Logo Design

Why do you need a logo?

There are many pillars of branding – your logo being one such pillar. You may have a great startup story, a great vision, and great product, however consider for a moment how people will remember and recognize you in a vast ocean of other brands. The tool you use for this is your logo. 


  • Your logo is a visual impression of what you do and who you are.
  • It serves as a visual benchmark across your brand, and its what customers will use to identify with your brand. 
  • Your logo can become an icon and signify your core values as a brand.

Where will you use a logo?

Your logo is alive! And like many living things, it will need to adapt to certain branding and marketing mediums. 

Here’s just a few environments your logo will need to adapt to:

Your Website


Social Media

Elements of logo design:


A wordmark logo is the full name of the business.


A lettermark is the acronym of a long business name.


Letterforms are simplified lettermarks. These use only one letter as the context. Letterforms are perfect as favicons.

Abstract elements

Abstract or conceptual logos include a visual that doesn’t exactly resemble something recognizable but rather embodies the brand as a concept.


Mascot elements

Mascot logos are those that include a brand mascot as part of the design. A mascot can be a person, an animal, or an anthropomorphous object.

Types of Logos

Word logos

Word logos use only words, specifically the name of the business. The words itself are the logo. Generally, a wordmark logo uses custom or intervened typography.

Image logos

Image logos are any that use a pictorial element. This can be an icon, a symbol, or even a mascot. There’re no words involved in these logo styles.

Brandmark logo

A brandmark logo, also called a pictorial logo, is an image of an easily recognizable element. It can be an icon, an illustration or a digitally traced image.

Vertical or horizontal combination mark logos

Vertical or Horizontal Combination Mark is the most common logo style of all. It includes a pictorial visual plus a wordmark. They designed with the visual above the words in a vertical layout, or to the side in a horizontal layout.

Emblem logo

An emblem logo is a bit more complicated. In this style of logo, the words and visual elements are arranged together inside a shape. There are usually a few extra elements like lines, and dots creating order and separati

Dynamic logos

Dynamic logos are the cherry on the pie for logo variations. These are logos that change colors or shapes according to where they’re used. For these to work, there must be one element that never changes. In the example for the brand Spoon below, the one thing that doesn’t change is the shape.

Combination logos

Combination logos are any word logos put together with an image logo to form one composition.

Logo variations we deliver to you:

Pathfind Media can help you design your logo, and these are the different types we deliver. 

Primary Logo

Your primary logo is one that will be used the most. It must therefore, put your brand at the front and center of its design, and be easy to recognize. 


Very often your primary or secondary logo will fit well within a circular template. However there are some cases in which they may look de-centered and not visually appealing. Your logo may then be resized and reconstructed to fit within a circular template, such as social media profiles or buttons. 

Secondary Logo

Your secondary logo is for any instance where your primary logo does not fit within a certain medium. Perhaps your primary logo is vertically orientated, and instead you require a horizontal logo to use on your website. It is for this reason that a secondary logo can be designed in vertical orientation


The Favicon logo variation is arguably your smallest logo variation in terms of sizing. However it is no less powerful than your secondary logo. In fact some brands choose to use their Favicon as a secondary logo. It will fit into the small box at the top of your browser, to identify your website. Its usually created in letter form.  

Let’s design your logo!