What we do and don’t do

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What we do and don’t do


Jack of all trades, master of none.

We all know this famous saying, implying that if you have too many skills, you may never find a niche and become excellent at what you do. This is not the case at Pathfind Media. We know the path we are on and are proud to say that we are masters of one.

So, what do we master?

Mainly, we develop and manage WordPress websites. We also generate content (e.g. write blogs, website copy, newsletters) and do business branding (e.g. design logos, letterheads, business cards). To summarise: Website design. Graphic design. Copywriting. That’s our trade. We exist to make you look and sound great.

Here’s what we do NOT do*

*Although we can partner with or refer you to these professionals to help you get exactly what you need!

What we are NOT #1: Web developers (as in coders)

We don’t do custom coding, using code languages like Python, PHP or Ruby. Therefore, we do not create web applications (think BookMyTrip, Trello or Grammarly) or hand code websites line by line. Our ideal clients (small businesses) simply can’t afford custom developments and we strive to offer them the best quality at the most affordable prices.

What we are NOT #2: Marketing strategists or a web advertising agency

Strategists help to position a company in the market through a strategic marketing plan. Web advertising entails customer relationship marketing (CRM), lead generation, sales funnel creation, and so forth. Although we do not specifically offer these services, a website, great graphics and clever content are crucial to the success of these endeavours.

What we are NOT #3: IT guys

The information technology industry will help you out with anything you need regarding computers: hardware or software sales, support and consultation; setting up and managing internal systems; server management; and the likes. These are great people, and all of us have probably been bailed out by them at some point. But we are not them. We work on the web. 

Now that you know us a bit better, tell us how we can serve you.