Website Design Process

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Website Design Process


We are passionate about creative communication through intelligent design. We translate that in the websites we build, but also in the process of getting new websites set up.

In order to develop a website that fulfills your goals, the proposed Website Design will take place in several distinct phases:


1. Briefing meeting

After the initial information you gave us through the personalised quote questionnaire, we set up a briefing meeting (either in person or via Skype) to analyse and fix the project scope (which might affect the initial proposed price).

In the briefing meeting we establish things like:
  • final requirements, information about your business and your overarching website goals,
  • number of links (pages / products / other post types) and the site plan,
  • graphics and specialised content required,
  • project timeline.
  • etc.


2. Project kick off

Once the analysis is done, we send over the finalised invoice for the payment of the deposit, as well as the website design agreement for the protection of both parties. Then we establish our communication channel. The primary method for communication is through email. As part of streamlining all communication for reference, we send you an invitation to our project management tool: Basecamp

Basecamp is an incredible online platform for communication and project management. All emails are captured on this system and all project files are stored there too. This will help alleviate content and images being lost in long email threads. However, do not fear – there is no need to learn how to use this tool. You can still simply use emails, but the messages will post directly to Basecamp where we manage the project! 

Off course we are always available for phone calls and/or Skype calls/chats.  

3. Content delivery

A big factor that influences the speed of our service delivery is the provision of content. We really cannot do much without the content needed to actually display on your website. We always say, “the design follow (is determined by) the content”. So unless we are employed (with the creative license) to write the copy for your website (based on an interview), create graphics and/or search for appropriate stock images, we depend on you to provide all content you want on the website.

The typical content we require is your:


4. Framework and design

Once we have all we need, we start setting up the hosting package and create your mailboxes (if the website and your email is hosted with us). If you have an already existing website, we will build the website on an “interim URL” or subdomain and transfer it to your actual domain once it is finished, to avoid downtime for your current website.

Then we kick into design gear. We design your landing page and one other primary page for you to review, in order to gauge if we are on the right track. The landing page will encapsulate your website’s structure, cornerstone layout, look and feel as well as display your core service/product features.

5. Development and functionality

Once the site layout and design is approved, we move forward with designing all other pages, add functionality and responsive code, making sure your site looks great and functions nicely across all devices and web browsers.  

6. Deployment (launching)

After the development of the full site, there is one more round of revision where you get to request final changes. Then the site goes live and the journey of accomplishing your website goals begin.  We will be available for 14 days after the project is signed off, to provide You with reasonable technical support and correct any possible errors or deficiencies. We also (normally) create a nice ‘mockup’ graphic for you of your website on a computer screen which you can use for launching your website on your various social media channels.

7. Ongoing service

As you should know, long term customer satisfaction is our ultimate business strategy. So we will be here to assist if there are changes you want to make on your site of if things go wrong. See these blogs about the:

We can assist with keeping your website fresh, up to date and safe, on an on-demand basis where we charge an hourly rate or you might want to take out a monthly service subscription for a set number of hours, to receive priority support at a lower rate for any of these services:

  • Content updates,
  • Page additions,
  • Design work,
  • Troubleshooting,
  • On-page SEO.