PHP 7 for a faster website!

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PHP 7 for a faster website!


PHP is one of the most popular programming languages and is used by over 80% of all websites, so the chances are good that your website uses it too.

PHP 7 is the first major update in over a decade and provides an impressive increase in performance — it is twice as fast as the current version, 5.6. (Note: PHP 6 was not released, so version 5.6 is followed by version 7).


PHP7 has many benefits over PHP5.6. While features such as new spaceship and null coalescing operators may only be meaningful to developers, here are the real benefits for your website:


  1. Speed – sites load faster, which benefits visitors to your site as well as your Google ranking
  2. Uses less memory – which is particularly useful for mobile friendly applications
  3. Enables more concurrent connections – up to twice as many requests per second

Is your website using PHP 7?