Moving Emails From an Existing Server to Pathfind Media

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Moving Emails From an Existing Server to Pathfind Media


We often have clients who transfer their domain and hosting to our dedicated server, managed by Xneelo. Transferring an existing domain to us allows us to serve website content better to website visitors. We can also now provide adequate support for both their website and email accounts.

Even though the transfer of a WordPress website from a different server to our server is seamless, the transfer from email accounts is a little more tricky. We don’t offer the transfer of actual emails- or email folders from your existing inbox syncing with a different server than ours. It is not rocket science to transfer it, but the risk of losing some of your emails is too high. We cannot take that responsibility for the transfer since we are not an I.T. company (we are a web design agency).

Your options, therefore, are to either outsource this service to one of our partners: Ravenscroft Online or CloudIT (be sure to say you were referred from Pathfind). Or you can make a local backup yourself via your email client.

  1. If you opt for the latter, see these steps from the official Microsoft Office Support website which enables you to Export or backup email, contacts, and calendar to an Outlook .pst file. If you want to only backup your emails alone, you can follow these steps for Outlook.
  2. Once the backup is exported, we create an entry on our server for your domain and recreate the account folders. We then submit a transfer ticket for your domain and once accepted, the DNS is updated to point all further references to that domain to our server. All emails sent to your email accounts will now be received on our server.
  3. Now you need to update your email account settings on your local email client, Outlook – the incoming and outgoing server names, ports and the password – which we provide to you.
  4. And finally, you import the .pst file you exported earlier back into outlook by following these steps from the official Microsoft Office Support.

Once the email accounts are set up on our server, we can provide future support directly.