Integrating Mailchimp and Woo Commerce

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Integrating Mailchimp and Woo Commerce


Mailchimp. Woocommerce. These two terms are easily some of the most recognisable in the marketing industry. They serve vastly different purposes yet can be very powerful and beneficial when used together.

Mailchimp is one of the biggest email marketing platforms around and a big part of that is Mailchimp’s integration features.

According to

Mailchimp has a total of 11 million customers and on average emails sent from Mailchimp in total reach about 4 billion people – a powerful tool to use in your business.

BUT how does tie into Woo Commerce?

Well, WooCommerce is one of the worlds largest e-commerce platforms, in fact in SA alone – there are 29 200 WooCommerce sites live! E-Commerce (Online shopping) has grown from a couple of thousand stores to 40 000 stores in just 7 years. This is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. So, how can we utilise Mailchimp with our e-commerce store then?

Imagine this scenario with me quickly: You are an online shop owner, and the business is growing nicely. When customers order from you, they fill out a form and then the payment gets processed and they receive the stock – another happy customer! BUT how do you get the once-off happy customer to become regular happy customers? Would you advertise new specials on Facebook and hope they see it? Would go into the backend of your online shop and manually create a list to email them? (Depending on the size of your customer base, that could take a long time!)

The solution: MAILCHIMP

With Mailchimp’s integration features, you can now get the two platforms talking with one another. And its automated! The benefits include being able to create lists automatically by just selling and therefore create a platform where you can communicate directly to your customers through newsletters and campaigns. We can even take it a step further by setting up an automated welcome email that will get sent the minute new customers sign up. This will in turn make your store more personal, which helps your customer relationship!

How to connect Mailchimp and Woo Commerce

By following the guide below, you can set your online store to directly communicate with Mailchimp and vice-versa. (This will a basic understanding of Mailchimp, WordPress and WooCommerce features and functionality.

On Mailchimp:

  1. Create a new audience on Mailchimp where all new subscribers will be imported to (This is important as you will need to select this list in WordPress once the platforms are communicating to each other)
  2. On your new audience, set your merge tags. In your merge tags, you need to have FNAME, LNAME, EMAIL and ADDRESS. This will correlate with those fields in the WooCommerce checkout form.
  3. Under your account settings, find Integrations and copy your API Key to a text editor. (You will need this later)

On WordPress:

  1. Go to Add New plugin
  2. Find a plugin in the WordPress repository called Mailchimp for WooCommerce and install & activate it.
  3. Do the initial set up adding the API key from Mailchimp that you copied earlier to a text editor.
  4. Choose sync
  5. Once this is successful, you will need to choose a list – this will be the list that you created earlier.

On WooCommerce:

  1. Ensure that you have an opt into our newsletter on your checkout form selected as this will automatically add all shoppers to your Mailchimp list selected earlier.

Final Thoughts

Now you have Mailchimp and WooCommerce talking to one another. You can now head over to Mailchimp and create welcoming emails, segment your audience according to what they buy etc.

We hope this guide has helped you and if you get stuck or are unsure of how to connect the two, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]