How to clear WP-Rocket and Divi Caches

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How to clear WP-Rocket and Divi Caches


If you are an editor or administrator on your Divi powered, WordPress website and adding content to your website, you should be able to also clear caches from time to time.

WordPress caching is a way of improving performance. … It is when a website is requested repeatedly from different clients, it reuses the previously generated data (or requests such as database queries) to speed up new requests. But this can often lead to either content not displaying correctly or some content to not display at all.

Therefore, the best place to start troubleshooting if something doesn’t appear as it should on the front end is to clear all caches.

Pathfind Media uses WP-Rocket, a premium caching plugin to improve website performance. Here follows a quick guide to clearing both WP-Rocket caches, as well as Divi builder cache.

Steps to take:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Backend.
  2. Hover over the WP-Rocket menu item in the top toolbar.
  3. Click: “Clear cache” and wait for the action to be completed.
  4. Hover over WP-Rocket again and click “Regenerate Critical Path CSS” (if the option is there).
  5. Hover over WP-Rocket again and click “Clear Cloudflare cache” (if the option is there).
  6. Hover over WP-Rocket again and click “Preload cache” (if the option is there).
  7. Head on over to Divi>ThemeOptions in the left vertical menu and click on the “Builder” tab and then the “Advanced” tab beneath it.
  8. Toggle on the “Static CSS File Generation” and click the “Clear” button that appears to the right. 
  9. Untoggle the “Static CSS File Generation” again and click the green “Save” button at the bottom.
  10. That’s it! Shouldn’t take more than 5min.

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