How to clear browser cache

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How to clear browser cache



  1. Press Ctrl-Shift-Del to bring up the Clear browsing data page in Chrome (this works in other Chromium-based browsers as well).
  2. Make sure Cookies and other site data is selected.
  3. Change the time frame at the top to “the beginning of time”.
  4. Click on Clear browsing data to start the process.
  5. Note: You can delete individual local storage data by loading chrome://settings/cookies.

See video on how to clear browsing data.


Google Chrome chrome clear local storage



Open Firefox and go to History > Clear Recent History. Choose the time range and the items you wish to clear and click Clear Now.


Open Safari and go to Safari > Empty Cache. Click Empty in the window that opens to clear the cache.

Internet Explorer 6:

Open Internet Explorer 6 and go to Tools > Internet Options > General.
Click Delete Files. Check the box next to Delete all offline content In the window that opens and click OK.

Internet Explorer 7 & 8:

Open Internet Explorer 7 and go to Tools > Internet Options > General.  Under Browsing history click Delete. Choose which items you wish to delete and click the Delete button next to each item to delete it.

Internet Explorer 9:

In Internet Explorer 9 go to Tools > Safety > Delete browsing history. Then untick the option for Preserve Favorites website data, tick the options for Temporary Internet Files and Cookies and click Delete.

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