How Pathfind Media’s Retainers Work

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How Pathfind Media’s Retainers Work


Pathfind Media’s ultimate business goal is longterm customer satisfaction. Thus, instead of designing once-off websites and making a quick buck, we desire to take responsibility for a website’s technical health and content, which ultimately affects the website’s success.

Considering that your website works 24/7 (something that no other employee will do), it is an excellent ongoing investment.

Pathfind offers three different types of retainers:

1. Our backend maintenance plans come at a set price per month and include the following seven tasks: Software updates, website backups, security monitoring, website speed testing, broken link checking, Google analytics and manual checking. We send a website care report to our backend retainer clients each month.

2. Our service hour retainers include any of the following four services: Adding new content to the website, search engine optimisation, graphic design and technical troubleshooting.

  • The service hour retainer is charged at a discounted hourly rate, which is paid monthly for a set number of hours.
  • The set number of hours are accumulated from the month the service hour retainer starts, until the 31st of December each year when they expire.
  • A client can utilise the entire year’s available hours at any given time in the year, which makes it advantageous to purchase a service hour retainer as opposed to just paying a fixed hourly rate – which is also charged at a higher price.
  • For example: if client Super Company signs up for an 1hour/month retainer, starting in April, they pay a fixed fee per month and then have 9 hours available for the given year, which can be used at any time, beginning in April.
  • The service hour retainer can be increased, decreased or cancelled at any time as long as the client has paid for all the time Pathfind has worked. For example, if client Super Company used 3 hours of their 1hour/month retainer in the first month, they cannot cancel the next month.
  • If the client uses more of our time than the accumulated available service hours in a given year, they are charged at the same discounted rate for the subsequent hours until their service hour retainer resets on the 1st of January the following year.
  • Time is tracked on our time-tracking app with screenshots of what we did.


3. Our writing retainer includes writing a set number of written pieces on a website (like blogs, articles or pages), at a fixed discounted rate per written piece, either monthly or quarterly.

Get your website to be an effective 24/7 employee, invest in one or more of our retainers starting this month!

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