Communicating with Pathfind Media

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Communicating with Pathfind Media


We need to talk!

The best ways to communicate with your web designer

When we at Pathfind Media are doing a project for a client, we need to liaise with them to ensure that we deliver a top-quality product that meets all their needs and expectations. This inevitably entails communication between the two parties. So let’s talk about how we should talk to achieve the best results.


Call us web fanatics, but we absolutely love email, and we constantly check our inboxes. Email offers a paper trail of all the communication between a service provider and a client. Furthermore, we add tasks to our project management tool Basecamp from our inboxes, so e-mailing simplify our workflow process. We pride ourselves in personal communication so you should have one of the Pathfinder’s personal email addresses by the time we establish our relationship. But for general enquiries, you could email [email protected].


Please phone a friend (us!) if you have an urgent request! It is the quickest and most efficient way to communicate if there is no time to waste. A real-time conversation can also help to brief us on a need you have or to clarify a matter without to-and-fro writing.


We’d love to have you over for coffee! This is especially useful at the start of a new project or when planning big expansions of or changes to your website/brand. Our office is located on the corner of Durban Road and Kendal Road in Durbanville, Cape Town. Here’s a physical location link to find us through Google Maps.

On the flip-side:

The following communication avenues are not so great to use


WhatsApp is not a professional communication platform. Messages could easily get lost among the masses and intertwined with personal communication. Also, text-style messaging is not conducive when clear communication is needed. Let’s play safe and avoid the WhatsApp trap!

If you do want to WhatsApp, please send to our Business for WhatsApp number.

Social Media 

We use our social media platforms (like Facebook and LinkedIn) for informing our current clients. We cannot guarantee quick replies to enquiries. Please rather use the channels mentioned above to ensure we get back to you asap!

We value (and require) our clients’ feedback and requests! Looking forward to talking to you soon!