10 Amazing fonts for your website

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10 Amazing fonts for your website


10 Amazing fonts for your website

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Big typography isn’t a new trend or aspect of design, but it’s still a great practice to follow. This is because it has the power to grab the reader’s attention and places the focus on your content. Readability on smaller screens, such as mobile devices, has played a huge role in this trend’s rising popularity, but it also fits in nicely with the ever-popular minimalist and flat design trends.

Sans-Serif fonts that work well

Aileron is available in ten different styles, ranging from the ultra-thin all the way to the bold. Its letters are somewhat condensed and they have pretty short arms, giving them a stocky, solid feel perfect for sober titles.

This classy font was, of course, inspired by the immortal Audrey Hepburn, and created by Cristina Pagnotta. It comes in three different weights and two variations, with sleek lettering and a great use of tracking, which gives the text an elegant look.

Foobar Pro is a sans serif font with some truly amazing language support. It contains a few rather unusual diacritic letters which enable it to support Cornish, Guarani, Malagasy, and plenty of other languages that none of us are familiar with. However, if you happen to need a font that does support unusual languages for one of your projects, you know where to look.
Ikaros is a minimalistic typeface with a very narrow tracking. This high condensation makes it kind of difficult to read if you’re dealing with a lot of text, but it’s quite workable when it comes to headings.
Simplifica is a sans serif font which is easily distinguished thanks to its uniform design, with thin stems and short arms. This serves to pull the eye upwards, and with a little tracking, you can obtain pretty pleasing results as far as headings go.

Serif fonts that work well

The history of Calendas goes all the way back to 2010 when it was designed for (you guessed it) a calendar project. It’s a classic, elegant typeface designed to remain readable even when used in small sizes, and it’s available for free.

Cinzel is a classic typeface inspired by the origins of the Latin alphabet, with a modern contemporary twist to its design. The font was designed specifically to be included in the Google Fonts library (so you know it’s got to be good), and it’s fully free.

As you can see, Fritz is a unique serif font. Its letters boast thin stems and arms, with unbracketed serifs, giving them an eye-catching, mechanical look. The font comes in four variations with multiple weights, and it’s available in all major font formats.

While Margot works well in small prints, it shines when it comes to posters and large signages – making it perfect for big designs with an emphasis on readability. Plus, its emphasis on soft curves gives it a friendly and accessible feel.

Recia is a serif font with five styles, designed by Carlos del Toro for use in print and display. It boasts noticeable x-heights, the type is slightly condensed, and it is very readable across all of its styles.

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