LearnDash as E-learning Management Solution

Create and sell online courses on your WordPress website


The onset of COVID-19 ushered in a new era. One where people of all generations were forced to become comfortable using online meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, etc.Educational institutions world-wide also had to adapt or die with the closure of schools, universities and colleges. Suddenly children and students of all ages were seated ‘in’ Google Classrooms and similar e-learning platforms.

Online learning is likely to become the new norm for the foreseeable future.

Since we specialise in WordPress sites, we embarked on building our first e-learning module for one of our clients:

LearnDash overview

LearnDash is a WordPress learning management system (LMS) trusted by companies, universities, training organisations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses.

The structure and delivery of LearnDash courses are based on instructional design principles used in learning programs at Fortune 500 companies.

The advantages of LearnDash over other e-learning plugins

The features of this plugin are suitable for a wide variety of eLearning needs. To display the content, the plugin uses custom post types and also integrates with a wide range of themes available. All the integrations offered by the plugin are (mostly) free.

Other advantages include:

Dynamic courses

LearnDash courses are dynamic, engaging and also offer the best and latest e-learning techniques.

Intelligent course builder

The simple drag and drop option in the course builder allows you to build multi-faceted course contents. You can break courses into lessons, categories, topics, quizzes and rename them easily.

Advanced quizzing

Simple and advanced quiz options are available, with 8 types of questions (e.g. single option, multiple options, matching, fill in the blanks, and more). A timer option for the quiz, as well as personalised messages to performers are also included.

Course content scheduling

Multiple scheduling options allow you to display all the course content at a specified time, or the content can be scheduled to appear on a particular day.

Time scheduler for lessons

If you think that a user might take a long time or skip the content of the course, then you can set a predetermined time for each lesson to prevent learners from skipping course content.

Course prerequisites

Using the learn guide process in LearnDash, you can determine the flow order of the courses that have to be followed by the learner.

Dynamic forums

A course can have a dynamic forum created, and the users registered for that particular course can participate and talk with the other users of the same course. You can limit a participant only to the course he is enrolled in.

Grading system

LearnDash is packed with a Gradebook feature, that allows you to sync the quiz data and assignment data. The grades are awarded according to the performance of the learners.

Certificates & badges

After the course completion, or quiz performance or both, the official certificates can be awarded to the overall performers. Data like first and last name, name of quiz or course, overall score, and many more details can be included on the certificates.


As the course is being completed, the users get points based on the performance, and other courses can be unlocked using the points earned.


You can set a price for the course designed and choose the payment schedule. The simple process allows you to create the courses easily and make orders.

Subscription options

Users can opt for the subscription to get the latest details which means you can also maximise revenue opportunities.

Shopping cart for buyers

LearnDash allows you to create a shopping cart experience for selling your courses using the major WordPress eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce.

Membership management

This feature of LearnDash, allows users to view only the content that they have enrolled for.

Licenses for dynamic courses

LearnDash permits you to sell bulk licenses to corporates for training their teams and track team members progress and performance.

Course bundles

The course bundle option allows you to create and sell multiple courses simultaneously. You can also offer discounts on bulk purchases.

Pathfinding your way to to e-learning

Contact us if you would like to discuss adding LearnDash to your existing WordPress site, or for a quote on building a brand-new WordPress site with LearnDash integration.