To build a brand takes time, a lot of creativity, energy and consultation.

It is a process which we will be happy to walk through with you.


What will we be known for?

This is the perception you want customers to have of your brand when they think about it. You will have to expand on this since you know the positioning you want in the market.

It can be something like:
  • Leaders in your industry
  • Latest technology applied in your industry
  • Quick and quality service
  • Most innovative solution

  We want to sell the solution, not just the product  

Theodore Levitt Harvard


What is going on in the market?

This entails market research and is instrumental in planning your market penetration.


 A brand is not a logo, tagline or any tangible item – it is a promise: a unique value that is delivered.  

Brand promise

This should define your entire business mission. For example, Nike has had many customer facing slogans including the iconic Just Do It. However, these phrases have been marketing taglines as opposed to their brand promise: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world (which they certainly deliver). The asterisk in their promise then specifies, If you have a body, you’re an athlete. A brand needs to promise to be better, different or cheaper.

If you can come up with a sentence or two stating your brand promise, we will polish it to make it look and sound good for publication.



Who are we targeting?

  • Location
  • Demographic
  • Specific distributors
  • Unique selling points
  • Price strategy: “Top of the line” or “Bargain basement?”
  • Distribution and sales strategy


 This is the fun part in which we specialise:  

Brand Name

A brand name should be simple, somewhat descriptive and catchy.

Brand Logo

Colour, font and style plays a big part in your brand. It can set a mood or drive home a point. It can demonstrate strength or compassion, weakness or fear. It is important to consider the message you want to portray when selecting the right colours, fonts and style in your logo design. Choose wisely and half your marketing job is done. Make a poor choice and you will regret the mistake.  See our colour, font and style guide to help you make quality logo design decisions.

Brand Tagline

We could develop an embedded tagline in your logo. This will set you apart and is significant for your market positioning. Options for your tagline:

  • Your brand promise;
  • Specific product/service description;
  • Your primary value;
  • Your motto

Brand Website

When it comes to your online presence, there is nothing that beats a well-designed, fast and functional website.

Technology is advancing rapidly and therefore we implement the latest techniques, templates, design, coding and search engine optimisation. Our websites are optimised for web and mobile device usage.

The Content Management System (CMS) we make use of is WordPress. It will provide you with the ability to update any text, pictures, etc. with the click of a button. It is also a very effective administration system and includes e-commerce, online registrations, newsletters, and many more features. See our website packages

Once your website is up and running, you can manage it on your own to keep it up to date and relevant, without the hassle of continuously contacting the Webmaster. Alternatively, you can make use of our monthly maintenance packages, starting from R382.50 per month.


Promo items

We recommend certain promotional materials based on your industry such as:

  • Catalogues
  • Vehicle signage: magnet or vinyl
  • Video adds or documentaries
  • Corporate clothing
  • Business card holders
  • Corporate gifts: USB flash drive, Calendar, Pens 

Social marketing

We can set up an attractive, professional-looking company profileand run a promotional campaigns on various social media platforms like
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Google +
  • Linked In.


This will be determined based on your industry:

  • Billboards,
  • Magazines,
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Etc.


Maintain current branding

  • Website maintenance
  • Social media maintenance
  • Selective advertising
  • Quality service ensuring word-of-mouth promotion

Watch latest trends

Monitor what is happening in the market

Keep image fresh

Run campaigns from time to time with tweaks to the brand image to keep the branding fresh.

Logo and stationery prices for 2016*


R 4700
  • Briefing
  • 1 Custom design logo
  • 1 Design concept
  • 3 Format delivery


R 6700
  • Briefing
  • 1 Custom design logo
  • 1 Business Card OR Email Signature
  • 1 Design concept
  • 1 Revision
  • 3 Format delivery


R 14 700
  • Briefing
  • Research
  • 2 Custom designed logos
  • 3 Business cards
  • 3 Email signatures
  • Letterhead design
  • 5 Design options
  • 3 Revisions
  • 3 Format delivery
  • Delivery disk

R 470

Normal hourly rate for designing:

  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Invitations
  • Vehicle or building signage

* This is to give you an idea of our price range, however we do give custom quotations, based on your individual requests. These prices can fluctuate based on the value of the ZAR or the detailed requirements of the project. A final quote will be sent upon the receipt of the order form.

Need something simpler, in-between or more advanced?

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